Geopolitical interests first:

What is the state of global trade?
We are looking forward to the Lupus alpha Investment Focus 2024 on Wed., Nov. 8, 2023. Be there again when renowned experts from politics, business and academia take a look at the global economy and capital markets!

This year: Global trade is facing major challenges since location competition is increasingly turning into system competition. Geopolitical goals are increasingly being placed above economic freedom, and economic and interest policies must be strategically thought together. What consequences does the increasing polarization of the world have for prosperity, capital markets and asset allocation? This day in the exclusive environment of institutional investors provides answers. About the program

With Chicago economist Prof. Raghuram Rajan, we welcome one of the most renowned economic thinkers of this time. He has been Governor of the Central Bank of India, Chief Economist of the IMF and Vice Chairman of the Bank for International Settlements.

We are also very pleased to have the commitments of Tilly Franklin, the CIO of the Cambridge University endowment, as well as other distinguished speakers. To all speakers

As every year, you can expect a day in the exclusive environment of institutional investors. We would be delighted to welcome you personally in this special setting - register now! 

Investment Fokus 2024

Register now for the Lupus alpha Investment Fokus 2024 on Wed, Nov 8, 2023 at the Alte Oper Frankfurt.