Lupus alpha Investment Fokus 2023

On Thursday, November 3, 2022 we cordially invite you to the Alte Oper Frankfurt for the Lupus alpha Investment Fokus 2023. As the name promises, we will look ahead on this day and take a look at how the Ukraine war is changing our political and economic map; how Europe is positioning itself in the global competition for energy and commodities; what consequences the geopolitical disruption has for the capital markets and asset allocation.

Also on the agenda will be the question: "Is Germany fit for the future? How to strengthen and accelerate innovation." We take a look at technological progress and discuss paths to an innovation-rich future: science transfer, start-up funding, financing, scaling business models across Europe and globally, etc. We discuss the hurdles to innovation, but we will also look at Germany's strengths.

Prof. Oliver Blanchard

An economist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he was chief economist at the IMF and is a sought-after commentator on monetary and economic policy issues.

Richard Gröttheim

As CEO of the Swedish pension fund AP7, responsible for pension assets worth around EUR 90 billion. Previously central bank director and financial analyst.

Prof. Sabina Jeschke

Professor at RWTH Aachen University, specializing in complex IT systems and robotics; until 2021 Member of the Board of Management for Digitalization and Technology, Deutsche Bahn AG.


A special day ahead of you in the exclusive circle of institutional investors.