Our Program

9.30 am     

Welcome and opening speech by 

Ralf Lochmüller,
Managing Partner and CEO, Lupus alpha

In Focus: World Trade under the Influence of Geopolitics

9.50 am                       


Western values: the benchmark in foreign and economic policy?
Many of our international trading partners do not share our ideas of values and freedom. How do we deal with this? A new understanding of trade and interest policy is needed.

Former Federal President Joachim Gauck
In conversation with Corinna Wohlfeil, television editor, n-tv


10.45 am                         

Coffee break

11.15 am

Discussion panel

Geopolitical interests first? The state of world trade.
In international competition, economic freedom is increasingly subordinated to geopolitical goals. What business locations, markets and companies must adjust to in a harsher political environment.

Prof. Dr. Gabriel Felbermayr, Director at the Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO)

Margret Suckale, member of the supervisory boards of Deutsche Telekom, DWS, Heidelberg Materials and Infineon Technologies

Prof. Dr. Hermann Simon, Founder and Honorary Chairman of Simon-Kucher & Partners

Moderation: Corina Wohlfeil, television editor, n-tv


In Focus: Expanding the Limits of Diversification

12.15 pm                   

Investment Spotlight

Every portfolio deserves a risk overlay

Overlay strategies aim to improve the risk-return profile. The desired result can only be achieved with a holistic approach.

Marvin Labod, Head of Quantitative Analysis, Lupus alpha

12.45 pm 

Lunch break

In Focus: World Markets and Global Asset Allocation in Transition

2.00 pm                    

Trends lecture*

"Deglobalization is in full swing." 
What are the costs of a fragmented global economy? And the Global Economic Outlook: Opportunities and Challenges 2024.


Raghuram Rajan, professor of finance at the University of Chicago's Booth School and former governor of the Reserve Bank of India.

In conversation with Dr. Melinda Crane, TV commentator

* In English


3.00 pm

Investor lecture*

Delivering World-Class, Sustainable Investment Performance. 
On the Cambridge University Endowment Fund’s investment strategy and approach.

Tilly Franklin, CEO and CIO, University of Cambridge Investment Management

In conversation with Dr. Melinda Crane, TV commentator

*In English


4.00 pm 

Coffee Break

4.45 pm 

Investors’ panel with TED talk

Setting the Portfolio's Course: Asset Allocation 2024

The traditional roundtable discussion with investors and TED voting on market expectations in the new year.

Sonja Laud, CIO, Legal & General Investment Management

Bernhard Grötsch, Managing Director at Rohde & Schwarz Corporate Finance

Dr. Michael Leinwand, Chief Investment Officer, VBL, Versorgungsanstalt des Bundes und der Länder (Federal and State Government Employees' Retirement Fund)

Dr. Götz Albert, Managing Partner, CIO, Lupus alpha

Moderation: Corinna Wohlfeil, television editor, n-tv

5.45 pm 

Perspective lecture

The medicines of the future: Biosimilars benefit patients and healthcare systems. 
High-quality, effective and cost-efficient, they provide access to highly effective and affordable medicines.

Dr. Stefan Glombitza, CEO, Formycon AG

6.30 pm              

Reception followed by evening meal